I don't believe that any of the blurry UFO photos are real, for a very simple reason--they all resemble a slightly more advanced version of the the then-current technology and style.  It seem very unlikely a spacecraft would fit the gestalt of the decade during which it crashed into earth.

There is a version of this to keep in mind when listening to startups make certain types of extraordinary claims.

(As a random aside, I went back and looked at some old photos of purported UFOs and real aircraft.  A hat-tip to the designers of the SR-71 for creating the only aircraft that still manages to look super-futuristic 50 years later.)

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SR-71 will be one souvenir space-faring man will carry along to the next planet. I imagine a scenario where man has a few years to vacate Earth due to an asteroid deadlocked for impact. In this emergency evacuation, man will have to decide which souvenirs to carry along. Most likely Apple products will make the list, and so will the Blackbird. Perhaps the advice for hardware startups is "make something space-faring man will want to carry along".
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